Hanwha Pumps Up Petrochemical Production to Maintain Global Leadership

Hanwha Pumps up 
Petrochemical Production to Maintain Global Leadership

Since entering the petrochemical market in 1965, Hanwha has grown into a major player in a highly competitive global market through vertical integration, optimized production processes, and strategic investments.

Hanwha is now hard at work further expanding its production capacity to better meet market demands. From processing raw materials to final delivery, Hanwha will strive to consistently provide a high quality of service and products to all of its customers.

Base Chemicals

Hanwha has been a major producer of polypropylene and other base chemicals for more than 54 years. Now, Hanwha is increasing is base chemical production capacity to act as a strong foundation from which it can produce many other petrochemical products.

Synthetic Compounds

In 1972, Hanwha Chemical was the first company in Korea to produce LDPE and LLDPE. Through relentless technology innovations, Hanwha is now the world’s leading producer of synthetic petrochemical products, including polypropylene and EVA.

Advanced Materials

Hanwha’s petrochemical divisions are synergizing to strengthen Hanwha’s position as an advanced materials manufacturer by strengthening cost competitiveness and providing additional value to customers.

Hanwha Advanced Materials now has twelve production operations in six countries, providing a broad and stable base from which customer needs can be swiftly met while maintaining product standards around the world.


For Hanwha, supply chain consolidation and expanded production capacity is not just about achieving a larger global market share. It’s also about being able to develop an eco-friendly product catalog and develop high-value added products through technological innovation.


Hanwha is also diversifying its business portfolio and developing eco-friendly technologies to provide sustainable solutions for business and next generation. Hanwha is ramping up production of ECO-DEHCH, its proprietary environmentally-friendly plasticizer, to supply customers with affordable products that meet ever stringent environmental regulations.


As a leader in the global petrochemical industry, Hanwha is focusing on high-value-added products like polypropylene, CPVC and high-activity metallocene hybrid catalyst. Hanwha is especially actively expanding the production of polypropylene.

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